At Athletic Greens, our mission is to empower infinite human potential on a daily basis.

We strive to exceed customer expectations by providing the highest quality products.

Our supplier relationships are the key to the success of our business.

All suppliers must agree to comply with the guidelines and expectations outlined in this Code of Conduct. This is to the collective benefit of the supplier, Athletic Greens, and our customers.

We are committed to working together with our suppliers towards a long-term, sustainable and successful future for all parties.

General Requirements


Suppliers will comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate.


Suppliers will adhere to the highest standards for business integrity, and comply with all anti- corruption and anti-bribery rules, including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Specifically, you cannot offer or accept any bribe, kickback, favor or use any improper influence when dealing with government officials or in any business arrangements.

Labor and Human Rights


Suppliers will comply with all local laws and regulations in regard to hours of work, rest periods and breaks.


Suppliers will pay workers at least the minimum compensation required by local law and provide all legally mandated benefits. In addition to payment for regular hours of work, workers must be paid for overtime hours at such premium rate as is legally required or, in those countries where such laws do not exist, at least equal to their regular hourly payment rate.


Suppliers will prohibit the use of child labor in their operations in the countries in which they operate. No workers under the age of 15; minimum lowered to 14 for countries operating under the ILO (International Labour Organization) Convention 138. Suppliers agree to verify the age of their workers and maintain copies of workers’ proof of age.

Suppliers will comply with all legal requirements for the work of authorized young workers, particularly those pertaining to hours of work, wages, safety, and working conditions.


Suppliers will prohibit any use of forced, bonded, indentured or prison labour, and not restrict the freedom of movement of employees and dependents.

Suppliers will not withhold any part of an employee’s salary, benefits, property, or documents (e.g. identity cards and travel documents) in order to force personnel to continue employment.


Suppliers will not permit any form of physical abuse, physical discipline, sexual or other harassment, verbal abuse, or any other forms of intimidation.


Suppliers will not engage in any discrimination in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based particular characteristics, including sex, gender, race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Environmental Sustainability


Suppliers will conduct their businesses in an environmentally responsible manner, and adhere to all applicable local environmental laws and regulations.

Suppliers will dispose of production waste in accordance with all applicable local environmental laws and regulations.

Suppliers will maintain procedures for notifying local authorities in the event of an environmental accident resulting from the supplier’s operation.

Suppliers are encouraged to make continuous improvement to minimize their environmental footprint, and ensure any new projects or refurbishments comply with all new and existing environmental laws and regulations.


Suppliers will keep adequate records of direct supplier purchases and may be asked to provide
this information to Athletic Greens upon request. Suppliers must make best efforts to ensure the environmental and ethical standards outlined in this Code of Conduct are maintained by their direct suppliers.


Suppliers will follow all GMP guidelines with regards to record keeping. All consumable goods and any item that comes into direct contact with consumable goods must be batch tracked, and the origin of all consumables must be shared with Athletic Greens upon request.

Suppliers will provide upon request a specification sheet for any materials used in the production of the goods purchased from the Supplier. This may include detailed chemical and material composition and source information of the items in question, including but not limited to: type of plastic, paper, wood, films, coatings, inks, pigments, dyes, resins, and minerals.

Athletic Greens may provide guidance on materials that may or may not be used in production or in the finished product.

Athletic Greens may seek to gather environmental sustainability data from the supplier, including waste reduction and disposal procedures, recycling options and material recyclability, water use, energy use, and emissions, among others.


Suppliers will not purchase minerals (including, but not limited to, cobalt, tantalum, tin, tungsten or gold) sourced from conflict-affected and high-risk areas, and must ensure that their sourcing of these materials does not knowingly contribute, directly or indirectly, to armed conflict, including terrorist financing or human rights violations.


Suppliers are encouraged to review the full lifecycle of their processes, technologies, products and packaging in order to optimise the environmental performance of their products through the product lifecycle, and maximise opportunities for positive social impact. Efforts should be made to minimize the total quantity of resources used in packaging and production and, where feasible, the materials used for storage and transportation should be recyclable, renewable and/or reusable.

Athletic Greens prefers the use of paper instead of plastic packaging wherever a reasonable choice can be made.

Athletic Greens prefers the use of recycled content and, where this is not possible, prefers FSC certified virgin materials be used for all paper products. If FSC certified material is used, proof of certification may be requested.

Athletic Greens may conduct a review of all new and existing products purchased from Supplier to determine if any opportunities exist to use more sustainable practices.


Suppliers will meet or exceed international, national and state government standards for animal welfare. Suppliers who source animal products must implement fair and humane animal welfare practices.