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"Athletic Greens is a phenomenal product. So much so, I would safely tell a stranger on the street that it would add serious benefits to their day and health"


International Chef & Best-Selling Author



"I have taken many supplements through the years, but never one so complete."

I am very health conscious and Athletic Greens has done it right. Exceptional quality ingredients and it tastes great! Instead of taking multiple vitamins, all you need is in one serving a day. My energy level has increased and my immune system is great. I've been taking Athletic Greens daily for months and have not gotten sick once despite being around people who are sick. Excellent product!



"I recommend this product to EVERY person I come across."

I have never been happier with a product! My husband and I both take a heaping scoop with water every morning religiously. It’s the first supplement that is not chalky or horrible to taste.

Tim Ferriss

Entrepreneur, Health Expert, 4x #1 New York Times Best Selling Author

“I get asked all the time, if you could only use one supplement, what would it be? My answer is, inevitably, Athletic Greens. It is my All-In-One Nutritional Insurance.

I recommended it in the #1 NY Times Bestseller, The 4-Hour Body, and did not get paid to do so.

I take it in the mornings to ensure optimal performance. And I travel with it to avoid getting sick. It just covers all my bases, if I can’t get what I need through whole food meals throughout the rest of the day.

It’s tasty, but more importantly it will help you not screw up when you’re doing your nutritional planning. For me, it.... covers my bases, takes a load off my mind, and puts a lot in my body."

Alex Silver-Fagan

Nike Master Trainer, Founding Instructor at Mirror, Yoga Instructor, Creator, Speaker and All-around Boss

"A good day starts with a good morning. It’s that simple. So no matter what I have lined up for the day, I know that I can tackle anything after I’ve had my Athletic Greens. Why? Because it’s simple too! High quality, clean plant based nutrition... that’s it.

When we think of a healthy lifestyle, simplicity is key and that’s what you get with AG. 

All of the good that you need and nothing of the extra that you don’t. I have more energy, recover faster, and haven’t gotten sick in months since started a daily regimen."



"Love this stuff. Really good product."

It doesn’t take long to feel it’s effects and has helped me feel more energetic and full of life. Love this stuff.



"I did a lot of product comparisons before deciding on Athletic Greens based on its quality ingredients and I am very pleased with my choice!"

I start my day with my superfood drink, usually just mixing a scoop with water, tastes great to me. Sometimes I add it to fresh berries in a smoothie. I feel great and have plenty of energy, best of all, I never feel the urge to snack before lunch. Even though it is a little more expensive than some of the comparable products, it is worth it and the company support is excellent!



"Highly recommend Athletic Greens!"

I’ve been LOVING my daily dose of Athletic Greens. It has really helped my immune system through this cold winter season. I work at an elementary school and noticed I have had more energy during the day! Can’t wait to continue using this supplement!

Dr. Michael Gervais

Host of Finding Mastery and High Performance Psychologist

"When we pull back the curtain on how world-leading performers prepare – there’s a balance at play: incredible loads of stress and purposeful recovery. Both are necessary to get the most out of our mind and body. Nutrition is a significant factor to maximize the amount of healthy stress, as well as, recover in a world-class way.

For years I’ve used plant based supplements. Athletic Greens has found the right combination of high grade micronutrients, absorption and taste. I mix it with water first thing in the morning, knowing that I’m starting my day with jam-packed nutrients that are hard to get in when I’m on the run. I would recommend Athletic Greens to anyone that wants to perform at their optimum level, and live their healthiest life."

Kristen Bell

Red Bull, Registered Dietitian

"Since I have been taking it AG I haven't been sick, my energy is consistent throughout the day, and I don't feel tired in the afternoon like I used to.

With 2 small children at home, being an NCAA basketball referee, and a  full-time job as a sports dietitian, I often feel like I am burning the candle at both ends.

Athletic Greens has been a game changer for my mood, stamina, and provides the gut health and immunity support I need."



"Two thumbs up!"

I’ve tried many greens and superfood supplements over the years. Athletic Greens is hands down the best. Taste, nutritional value and practicality are unsurpassed.



"This stuff is great!"

Started using it in October and have noticed a big difference in my energy. First thing I drink when I wake up and keeps me firing on all cylinders all day long.



"Back on track to health and happiness!"

Athletic Greens as a supplement helps me do the things I love! Over my years I have been plagued with stomach problems and AG with its probiotics and prebiotics has done wonders for my second brain! It taste good and it's easy to use (which appeals to my sense of laziness when it comes to eating right). Love me some bread but AG keeps me on the veggies! If you get a chance, check out Chris's story! That's what inspired me to use AG in the first place. Thanks Mr. Kiwi!



"Blends easily and tastes good"

Amazing! This is a great supplement and really has helped my intermittent fasting.



"Great energy and taste"

I got this instead of a traditional multivitamin. I was surprised by the boost of energy it gives me in the morning, and it tastes MUCH better than I had expected (kind of green juice/matcha/vanilla taste). I just mix it in cool water in the morning and take on an empty stomach as directed, and it does not upset my stomach like all the other mass produced multivitamins I've tried over the years. It is the first supplement I've ever been able to take on an empty stomach without feeling gross or nauseous, so it is perfect for a get up and go morning. Leaves me feeling fresh and cleanly energized for the day. I encourage anyone who is looking for a more whole and balanced nutritional boost to try this! I will definitely be buying it again.

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