Organic Apple Powder - All The Health Benefits Of Apples

Apples are the original superfood - and, if you believe the old proverb, just one per day can help you escape the medical system for life!

It’s not just any old fruit that can put a doctor out of a job, so one might ask oneself, what are the actual health benefits of apples?

Historically, stewed apples were prescribed for cases of digestive upset such as diarrhea or constipation. They’ve also been used to ‘soften’ and eliminate gallstones, protect the heart and even treat cancer (specifically, lung cancer).

Apples were - and continue to be - an inexpensive and accessible health food for everyone. Plus they grow on trees, brilliant!

Apples, otherwise known as malus pumila, are actually a member of the rose family, though I imagine at family functions the apples probably just hang out in the kitchen.
All that aside, stopping to smell the roses while eating an apple is the perfect prescription for health and happiness.

Apple Powder Power

I’m sure when Snow White accepted the apple she was merely thinking of the health benefits of apples, having been starved of fresh fruit while living in the depths of a forest, knowing that one bite would contain many notable constituents, such as:

✔ Polyphenols and antioxidants including quercetin, catechin, phloridzin and chlorogenic acid.

✔ Pectin.

✔ Healthful acids such as malic, ursolic, tannic, acetic and butyric. 

Why are these ingredients so essential?


Polyphenols are beneficial compounds found in all kinds of plants and natural foods like berries, olives, tea, vegetables and cocoa.

The polyphenols contained in organic apple powder are quercetin, catechin, phloridzin and chlorogenic acid. These guys all exert strong antioxidant activity, as they scavenge and protect against the negative effects of free-radicals.

The presence of polyphenols is linked to healthy ageing and a reduced risk of everything from cardiovascular disease to cancer.

When you team up the polyphenol content in apple powder with the complimentary polyphenols found in green tea extract and cocoa bean extract, all present in Athletic Greens, you have a crack team working for you against the nastiest free radicals.


Pectin is the thing that makes jellies and jams set; it is a very beneficial type of fibre.

It’s a complex carbohydrate found in many fruits, that absorbs water. For human health this tendency to swell and become sticky is great for regulating bowel function - either to ‘push things through’ (helping with constipation), or slow them down (for diarrhea).

It’s got you covered in the bathroom that’s for sure!

Pectin may also play a role in protecting the heart, detoxifying heavy metals, lowering blood pressure and combatting complications of diabetes.

Apple acids:

Apples contain beneficial chemicals such as malic, ursolic, tannic, acetic and butyric acids.

Ursolic acid is a chemical found in apple skin that may protect the liver, decrease inflammation, support cardiovascular health and assist weight loss - by preserving lean muscle mass and regulating blood sugar levels.

Tannic acid acts as an astringent which tightens and ‘tans’ mucous membranes such as those found in the gastrointestinal tract. The journey of food through your GI tract is a long one, so anything that helps heal and support intestinal function makes a lot of sense when we are striving for better health.

Malic acid has been credited with the ability to soften gallstones, and butyric and acetic acids encourage the growth of good bacteria in the colon.

The Health Benefits Of Apples Get The Nod From Science

The ingestion of apples has been scientifically linked to:

Brain health

Apples may improve mood and behaviour in people with Alzheimer’s disease. This is likely due to antioxidant activity of flavonoids such as quercetin.

Cancer prevention

Apples have been linked to lowered incidence of breast, colon, pancreatic, lung and liver cancer. Once again this is most likely due to the anti-proliferative effect of flavonoids, the protective effect of antioxidants and the healthy fiber content in pectin which helps maintain the health of the bowel.

Improved lung health

Including asthma and upper respiratory infections. This may be due to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds such as quercetin, and the protective effect of flavonoids in general.

Cardiovascular health

Fruits and vegetables have been repeatedly proven to lower blood pressure and improve markers of cardiovascular health, due to their fiber content and protective polyphenols. Studies have also found that apple consumption is correlated with lower incidence of stroke, plus reduced LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. 

Positive metabolic effects

The health benefits of apples include reduced risk of diabetes and obesity. 

This may be due to a number of factors, such as improved gut health (when your gut flora are happy, there’s less inflammation and better general health), plus the combined positive effects of antioxidants, appetite-reducing pectin and acids that support metabolic function.

The effects on acute digestive discomfort can be fairly rapid when treated with apple powder or apples; other benefits may take longer however. One thing that’s certain is, there is no damage done ingesting more apple products while you wait to find out.

The Health Benefits Of Apples Abound

The above health benefits mean organic apple powder may be useful for:

✔ Diarrhea and Constipation
✔ Gallstones
✔ General digestive health
✔ Lowering blood sugar
✔ Lowering cholesterol
✔ Supporting healthy cardiovascular function (including decreased risk of stroke)
✔ Cancer prevention
✔ Heavy-metal detoxification
✔ Diabetes

How Much Do I Need To Gain The Health Benefits Of Apples?

If you’re taking an organic apple powder supplement, 500 mg per day is commonly prescribed for general health.

It is good to be aware that apple powder may interact with the absorption of certain drugs such as Atenolol (Tenormin) - a beta-blocker, and Fexofenadine - for the treatment of allergies. So it’s best to avoid taking them together.

People with a known allergy to plants in the Rosaceae family should also be cautious before taking apple powder or plundering a nearby apple tree.

So I guess the question now is, “Is apple powder as beneficial for health as raw apples?”

Yes it is! 

Interestingly, studies have shown that apple peels are an even better source of nutrition. The peels have been shown to help increase joint function and range of motion.

But who wants to go to all that hassle and miss out on all the other bits of the apple?

While some constituents like vitamin C may be more potent when fresh, apple powder may actually be preferable for treating intestinal distress - people can keep it down and we all prefer it that way!

Organic apple powder also retains beneficial acids and antioxidants which have been scientifically proven to decrease cancer risk, improve cardiovascular health and prevent a range of conditions associated with ageing. Maybe that’s why Snow White really wanted the apple?

Organic Apple Powder - All The Health Benefits Of Apples
Organic Apple Powder - All The Health Benefits Of Apples

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Dont forget to grab your quick PDF for buying the best supplements on the market

With so many supplements out there, it’s hard to know what’s good, bad, real or fake. This quick guide can help you identify the best supplements for you, whenever you go shopping!

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