Get These Gotu Kola Benefits...

Maybe the coolest of all the herbs in name alone. Gotu kola. It doesn’t get much better than that. But it’s more than a name. We’ve only just scratched the surface on the ways gotu kola benefits the body.

According to science anyway. The history of this special plant is long and colorful, and the belief in its therapeutic powers is by no means recent.

The story goes that native peoples observed elephants munching on the leaves of gotu kola plants. Knowing that elephants have valuable traits of memory, wisdom and longevity, the people began to associate gotu kola with the same.

Turns out, they were on the mark, but gotu kola benefits the body in more ways than even they imagined.

Gotu kola may have been appreciated by elephants, but it was absolutely revered by people as a supreme tonic for the brain. They believed it assisted with concentration, attention and meditation.

Known botanically as Centella asiatica, gotu kola is a low-growing, herbaceous plant. Despite the origins of its traditional uses, it can be found in swampy areas of Asia, South Africa, Australia and parts of the US.

Who knew its brain-like flat leaves would be such a clue to its role in human health!

Well, those native peoples did. And we’ve come to see that the ways gotu kola benefits the body are also supported by modern science.

Fun fact: Gotu Kola is often called ‘Brahmi’, or mistakenly identified as Bacopa monnieri. While extremely similar in therapeutic action and traditionally used together, they are actually different plants.

Science Shows Gotu Kola Benefits Us In More Ways Than One

Studies support the use of gotu kola for cognitive enhancement, wound healing, cardiovascular health, age-related illness, anxiety and focus. That’s quite the list.

The high number of gotu kola benefits is less surprising when you take a look at the long list of its active constituents:

  • Asiatic acid

  • Madecassic acid

  • Rutin

  • Quercetin

  • Chlorogenic acid

  • Vitamin C

  • Beta-carotene

  • Anthocyanins

  • Chlorophyll and a spectrum of trace minerals

    Working together, the elements combine to make one super useful herb.
    Let’s take a closer look at those benefits...

    Gotu kola benefits include:

    ✔ Healthy cardiovascular function

    Gotu Kola protects blood vessels and boosts circulation. This makes it a great ally of anyone with chronic venous insufficiency and/or edema.

    ✔ Cognitive enhancement

    Gotu Kola helps neurons (brain cells) grow longer and function more effectively. Note: this takes some weeks to come into effect, so stick with it!

    ✔ Anti-inflammatory support

    Gotu Kola encourages immune cells to release anti-inflammatory signals.

    ✔ Wound healing

    Gotu Kola increases the rate of collagen production and inhibits enzymes that break it down.

    Some studies suggest Gotu Kola benefits may also help with:

    → Chronic venous insufficiency
    → Circulatory problems
    → Fluid retention and leg swelling (edema)
    → Alertness, attention and calmness
    → Lupus, eczema and other immune-mediated skin and systemic diseases.

    And that’s just the list science has managed to study so far.

    As a traditional herbal medicine, gotu kola is considered a master rejuvenator and whole-body tonic. It’s used for conditions of the cardiovascular, nervous and immune systems, stress and tension, wound healing and to promote longevity.

    What isn’t it good for?

    Many people claim that high dose gotu kola can remove cellulite and stretch marks and it is often sold based on that claim.

    In fact, if you search for gotu kola benefits, you’ll see cellulite reduction included in hundreds of home remedy articles. But so far, there is no scientific evidence to support this.

    Gotu Kola Benefits Depend On The Dosage

    I know I say this all the time, but it’s really important. Supplements affect everyone differently, and it’s always a good idea to check out a new regimen with your doctor before diving right in.

    And it’s smart to start on a low dose and gradually increase when you’re confident your body can handle it.

    As far as the best dose to capitalize on the many gotu kola benefits, most human studies suggest a dosage of 500 mg, twice per day for anxiety and stress reducing effects.

    Depending on your weight, higher dosages between 2 and 5 grams may be indicated for circulation, wound healing and other therapeutic benefits.

    Pregnant women should not take gotu kola in any form, as it may cause miscarriage.

    How Fast Does Gotu Kola Work?

    Again, the speed at which you’ll begin to experience the range of gotu kola benefits really depends on your dosage. And it will be different for each person.

    There are a few things you can do to increase the likeliness of achieving results faster.

    Perhaps the most advantageous is to ensure you’re taking gotu kola with the right complementary supplements. It works particularly well with:

    1. CoQ10 and Hawthorn for cardio health and circulation

    2. Grapeseed extract and Vitamin C to increase the rate of collagen production which helps speed up wound healing and improve skin quality

    3. The phosphatidylcholine in lecithin to enhance brain function

    4. Ginger and bromelain as a natural anti inflammatory

    Although gotu kola isn’t typically found in the diet, it’s often taken as a tea. It’s unlikely the dosage delivered via tea would have the same benefits as supplementation, but then again, there’s plenty of tea addicts out there!

    With the right dose, and a regular intake it’s quite possible to experience improved circulation fairly quickly.

    I don’t think I’d be wrong in saying most people could do with some extra circulation and anti-inflammatory support.

    With such strong evidence around the ways in which gotu kola benefits the body, it was a no brainer to make it a key ingredient in Athletic Greens. Fortunately, taking it this way also means you get a dose of those complementary supplements I mentioned above.

    Gota kola shows so much promise in so many areas of health, we can expect to see many more studies in the future. Who knows, maybe they’ll even prove it does help with cellulite and stretch marks.

    For now though, I’m pretty happy in the knowledge it’s working hard to support my body every day.

    Get These Gotu Kola Benefits...
    Get These Gotu Kola Benefits...

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    Dont forget to grab your quick PDF for buying the best supplements on the market

    With so many supplements out there, it’s hard to know what’s good, bad, real or fake. This quick guide can help you identify the best supplements for you, whenever you go shopping!

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