About Athletic Greens

As a company we’ve evolved a lot since we started, but our values and our purpose remain the same.

Athletic Greens is all about inspiring fulfilling and equal lives, starting with a focus on health.

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We’re More Than A Supplement Brand

We believe that sleep, mindset, purpose, nutrition and relationships all have an impact on our health.

You could say we inherited this from our founder.

Chris ‘The Kiwi’, founder of Athletic Greens

Chris’s own wellness journey strikes right at the heart of our belief that you can’t achieve your best self without nurturing your body with the right nutrition.

For Chris, this reality had dire consequences…

That’s why we’ve spent 10 years researching with the help of doctors, naturopaths and nutritionists to create the highest efficacy and nutritionally complete supplement on the planet. We never stop learning, growing and researching. It’s our mission to continue adding value to our products, and improving the lives of our customers.

“Our Purpose Is To Inspire Fulfilling and Equal Lives, Starting With A Focus On Health.”

Chris ‘The Kiwi’

Our Core Values

At Athletic Greens, we embrace three core values that define us as a business. They guide us in every decision we make. We look for these values within our own team, but also in anyone who works with us.

Respect And Empathy For All

We treat each other as we would like to be treated. That means showing respect and empathy for every person, regardless of their situation.

Life Is An Opportunity

Life is about seeking out adventure and embracing the unknown. As eternal optimists, we know that opportunities are there for the taking. So go out and grab them!

No Compromises

We don’t compromise on the efficacy of our products, and we never have. Even when Chris had $60 to his name he didn’t sacrifice quality for higher profit margins.

We Created Athletic Greens For A Reason

As we hinted at above, Athletic Greens wasn’t created on a whim. It started way back in 2008 when our founder, Chris, faced a health crisis.

The story is a rough ride, but we promise there’s a happy ending. You might even see yourself in some of Chris’s experiences.

With a successful product launch in 2010 and continued growth, Chris knew he’d developed a product that didn’t just address ailments - it helped all types of people lead healthier lives.

In the years since, we’ve continued to research and evolve every aspect of our product, with the help of doctors, nutritionists and naturopaths. In fact, we’ve already made 51 iterations to our formula, in line with the latest research.

We’ve been delighted with the recognition we’ve received from health experts and influencers.

We’re proud to have established a social mission that aligns with our purpose.

Head over to our How We Give Back page to learn more.

Our ultimate goal? To reshape the health and wellness industry by having a lasting impact on millions of people from all over the world.

Get in touch if you’d like to join our team and help us make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of millions of people around the world.
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